Alpha 0.0.2 release for OutPost 6

This update includes the new edition to the enemy list, the new enemy is a tank of a character and will only get stronger as the game goes on. The enemy mechanics have been tweaked to make the speed and incremental difficulty seem more reasonable.

A message will now appear when each wave is finished, this is give you a breather between each wave.

The resolution of the game window will now change to best fit you display, this should also adjust the placement and size of each menu, image, icon and text on the screen. Some problems are still being worked out with this feature.

The speed multiplier has been updated, by using the left and right arrow keys, the game will speed up or slow down. 

You can now drop the tower your holding by pressing the right mouse button. The towers now have a range set to them and can only be placed on the grass tiles at this time.


Tower 3 MB
Nov 22, 2017

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